Have you ever looked up at the night sky and been entranced? Imagine holding a key to the stars in your hand… a gentle, etched silver dome, with the Milky Way crossing the sky and constellations picked out in 24kt gold. All the Zodiac signs have a constellation connected with them and there are many more with names evoking characters from myths and legends. The one shown here is Cygnus, the Swan.

The brooches can also be worn as pendants, as both sizes come with a loop allowing them to be worn on a chain.

Brooch/pendants come in 2 sizes:

Constellation Minor : diameter 5.5 cm / 21/8 in

Constellation Major : diameter 7 cm / 23/4 in

Rings all have bowls the same size : diameter 3 cm / 13/16 in

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Rings are always visible to the wearer and often carry a lot of symbolism and meaning.

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