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erika marks

“Put forth thy hand, reach at the glorious gold.”

W. Shakespeare


About Erika…

I have always found how things are put together totally fascinating; I delight in patterns…
those found in nature, with their perfect balance of form and purpose; the pattern of stories which we weave and the history that we leave behind as we interact during our lives and across time; maps and charts and the different ways in which abstract information is represented visually… the world is such an endless source of delight and interest.

I am interested in the hidden meaning behind objects, and the relationship implicit between them and people. I like to incorporate symbolism in much of my work and the balance of form and content, both in design and meaning, is important to me.


Bespoke Handmade Jewellery

Making a bespoke piece for a client is one of the most enjoyable parts of my work!

Whether engagement or wedding rings, a piece to celebrate an occasion like a birthday or anniversary, or something to remember a loved one by, bespoke jewellery is always special.